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The Special Connection

The Special Connection is a small family run and cosy café at Fischmarkt 11.

With a lot of passion, willingness to learn and love, we are committed to giving you an unforgettable taste experience: whether a fruity cup of coffee, an hearty breakfast with family and friends, a healthy lunch or a delicious homemade cake in between!

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Healthy food that tastes delicious and authentic is at the heart of our Café. Just like a good speciality coffee, which is respectfully cultivated and harvested as well as gently roasted and brewed by hand with a lot of love.

We are a family, a team, inspired by the beauty of natural ingredients and the excellent quality of our regional products. Therefore we do our best to serve you with homemade seasonal creations and to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

Even though our home towns are more than 6,500 km apart and we are shaped by different cultures and educational paths, we share a common vision:

The Café as a piece of home. A cosy place where you can enjoy tasty food and excellent coffee with a sense of global and personal responsibility. A place to fall in love and be happy. The Special Connection.

Opening hours

We serve you delicious breakfast and lunch, homemade cakes and lovingly brewed coffee on the following days:

Monday 10:00 - 16:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 16:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 16:00
Thursday 10:00 - 16:00
Friday 10:00 - 16:00
Saturday 09:00 – 17:00
Sunday 09:00 – 17:00

Our kitchen queens are there for you until 3 pm. Afterwards we clean the kitchen, let ourselves be inspired by new recipes and prepare for the next day. During this time you can enjoy our delicious homemade cakes and sweet snacks.

Brunch Boxen


The café as our second home; the passion and love that are hidden in every coffee, every breakfast and every cake; the endless curiosity to learn something new every day: these are the elements that identify us as a team and bring us even closer together every day.

We are looking for a new TSC-family member!
You are looking for a great team with a big heart, family-friendly working hours, endless opportunities to develop your potential and to implement your creative ideas? You are welcome to send your application to contact@the-special-connection.de, we are so looking forward to meeting you soon!

With or without experience in gastronomy, with different characters, mother tongues and educational backgrounds, we are all members of a small but very motivated TSC family.
We love what we do and appreciate the opportunity to make our dream come true.

Gluten-free and vegan

We have developed our café as a place for tolerance and inclusion. This is our most important goal, that every guest feels comfortable and leaves our café happy with a smile. This philosophy is also reflected in our menu: with a lot of heart we offer several gluten-free and / or vegan breakfast options. We are also there for you in case of other intolerances / allergies, in order to check the ingredients together and to provide you with the best possible advice on our delicious homemade treats. Feel free to approach us, we are so happy to have you here!

For guests with coeliac disease: As products containing gluten are also processed in our kitchen, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that our breakfast / cakes are absolutely 100% gluten-free (< 20ppm). To minimise the risk of contamination, we use separate baking tins / containers for our pancakes and porridge. If you need more information about our processes or suppliers, please feel free to ask us!

Gluten-free and vegan


We are not an industrial company where most processes are automated.
We brew every coffee, bake every cake and prepare every breakfast ourselves with great attention to detail.
We select the best products for you so that we can serve food that not only tastes delicious but also enriches you with important nutrients and vitamins.
We choose our suppliers based on their concept and quality, not on their pricing strategy.
We want to create awareness for high quality breakfast and coffee as well as homemade cakes that you can enjoy with self and environmental responsibility.
We want to be there for you in the long term as a family-run café and be able to cover our private costs through this work.
Due to rising energy and purchase prices, higher wage and transport costs, we are also forced to adjust our prices accordingly. Do you want to know more about our cost structure, purchase prices and the impact of inflation on our business? Please do not hesitate to contact us!


Would you like to pre-order a whole TSC cake?
Or do you have a nice family celebration or team event coming up and need our support with the preparation and fancy catering?
Do you need a gorgeous birthday cake for your loved ones? Or a TSC voucher as a thoughtful gift with lots of love?
Then get in touch with jb@the-special-connection.de and we'll take care of it!
We are more than happy to bake our traditional, vegan and/or gluten-free cakes for you, send a TSC voucher to your loved ones, prepare a tailor-made catering concept for your unforgettable event and deliver the goodies directly to you on the special day!


Our suppliers

Specialty Coffee

Diversity is an inseparable part of our concept. That's why we work with a wide variety of roasteries to take you on the exciting journey of a small coffee bean and inspire you with its complexity. For our milk drinks, we use espresso beans that impress with their balanced fruity-chocolate flavour profile. We also always have a variety of filter coffees available, which you can enjoy as a hand brew (V60) or as a batch. Even though our classics and guest coffees have different origins and backgrounds, they are united by the same philosophy: love for a high-quality product that is respectfully grown, directly traded, gently roasted and prepared with the utmost care.

ST Obst & Gemüse

Most of the products we need for our breakfasts and bakery is supplied by ST Obst & Gemüse . Whether fruit and vegetables, organic eggs or herbs - everything is of the best quality and fresh from the region. In addition, we greatly appreciate the cooperation in terms of sustainability: for example, the goods are delivered unpacked whenever possible and always in reusable boxes.


For our homemade cakes and gluten-free breads, we use only certified organic flours from Bauck aus der Heide. These flours not only provide excellent dough quality, but are much more digestible for the body than industrially produced flours.

Die Backgeschwister

"Baker driven by passion" - this is the motto of Backgeschwister. With the best ingredients, time and traditional craftsmanship, all breads are carefully made with a lot of love. We appreciate this philosophy very much and are pleased to offer you delicious breakfasts with fluffy sourdough bread from Backgeschwister.

Milchhof Reitbrook

Top quality milk from happy cows - the farming families Kohrs and Langeloh from Milchhof Reitbrook make it possible! We appreciate the milk not only for its excellent taste and freshness, but also for the transparency in its production and the appropriate husbandry of the cows.


Tasty Temptation

Menu a la Carte

Our current breakfast menu is hidden behind the button "Menu as PDF". You can enjoy our a la carte breakfast until 3 pm. From 12 noon and until 3 pm we also serve delicious bowls and wraps for lunch.

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Tea & Co.

Love in a cup

Specialty Coffee

What does Specialty Coffee mean?

The term Specialty Coffee describes a respectful, individual approach to the coffee bean from cultivation to the preparation of a coffee drink. It presupposes the highest bean quality (over 80 points) and strict standards with regard to harvesting, processing and roasting. This coffee is usually purchased in small quantities directly from farmers and traded under fair conditions.
Various organisations and associations such as the Specialty Coffee Association, ICO and Cup of Excellence are committed to the highest quality and permanent development of coffee culture at the international level.
In addition, annual world championships such as World of Coffee and WCE competitions offer experienced baristis the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and perfect their skills. Specialty Coffee inspires and connects thousands of people around the world: it is a common language, shared passion and endless curiosity.

Was bedeutet Specialty Coffee?
Unser Weg zum Specialty Coffee

Our path to Specialty Coffee

Our first cup of Specialty Coffee at Hidden Coffee Roasters in Barcelona was love at first sight! We will remember these aromas and wonderful taste development forever. Thus, we want to create this unforgettable experience also for guests in our café. However, Specialty Coffee is not only a pleasure, it is a science in itself. We are ready to take on this exciting journey and learn something new every day together with you!

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Contact us

Do you have a question for us? Or you want to book a table for more than 7 guests? Are you planning an event and need our delicious support? Would you like to know more about our products, our philosophy or our upcoming events? Feel free to contact us, we'll get back to you as soon as possible! #bettertogether #makeitspecial